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Oh I love this. Kindness goes so far. 

Lovely day with lovely people :)


Painty painty

05.05 - Mossy Carpet & Biophilia
I wish my entire house was covered in this. Or that I lived in a treehosue that was way up in this tree. Cool, soft, fuzzy, natural green moss. Damp but not in a gross way, but rather, a refreshing sorta way I guess.
Biophilia: Instinctive bond between nature and people. The inherent desire to interact and connect with lifeforms other than human. 
I want to lose myself entirely in a forest 
And then hopefully maybe find myself
Flip your perspective, There’s so much to be grateful for today:
housework/ chores to do, means that I have a roof over my head, a house to call home and a safe place to live
complaints I hear about the government, means we are fortunate enough to be born into a country that values, and even supports freedom of speech
my slightly too tight pants, means I have more than enough food to nourish myself
the ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ weather, as it means we are able to enjoy the outdoors safely
so much more….
Stop suffering simply by a shift in focus. Driving yourself into bouts of anger, melancholia or jealousy of things/people/places you don’t have, haven’t met, haven’t been does nothing at all. Pointless. Take time daily to appreciate the small things in life, as they will increase the value of life, 100-fold. When do we seriously stop to compare ourselves to the millions of others on our planet who are less fortunate than us? So disconnected. We know, yet we don’t really care to know. Whilst living in a society that is more connected than ever before, we also dwell in a world that, on a global scale, is disconnected, and turning a blind eye is only to easy. 
~ ~ ~ So many thoughts ~ ~ ~

28.04 - Distracted as anything today and wanderlust levels peaking. I also just made vegan & gluten free pizza.

12.03 Breakfast - Green Submarine Smoothie

01.03 Breakfast - Coconutty Cacao Banana Smoothie

01.03 Snack - Peaches ‘n’ Pistachio Muesli

21.02 Pre Workout Oatmeal

19.02 My little ceramic cranes from Chinatown in San Francisco

15.02 Last day in San Francisco

14.02 Candy mountain

12.02 New York